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A Defense of Free Grace Theology
Edited by Fred Chay,Ph.D. 

This is an excellent resource for anyone looking for an accurate explanation and defense of Free Grace Theology.

The contributors to this book seek to biblically describe and defend a true Grace Theology and answer the deficiencies and criticisms that have been expressed by Reformed theologians with clarity and charity.

Contributing Authors: 
David R. Anderson, Fred Chay, Joseph Dillow, Paul Tanner and Ken Wilson

Suffering Successfully

                        Suffering Successfully -
                     A Biblical Perspective       
by Fred Chay
 Price: $12 

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The Glorious Grace of  God-Understanding Free Grace Theology 

by  Fred Chay
Price: $2

Faith That Saves

The Faith that Saves : The Nature of Faith in the New Testament   

by Dr. Fred Chay

Price $15

  Legalism is Lethal

Legalism is Lethal
      In the Spiritual Life

   by Dr. Fred Chay

   Price: $1