Friday with Fred Archive

December 2017
December 1        The Triumph of Hyprocrisy

November 2017
November 3        The Question of the Jew
November 10     Our World is Rapidly Worsening 
November 17    
A Healthy Perspective
November  24     A Way of Seeing

October 2017
October 6            The Answer is in the Asking
October 13          When the World Discovers God is Dead there will be Universal Madness
October 20          Grace...It is a Gift from God
October 27          Above All-Guard Your Heart with All Diligence

September 2017
September 1      Harvey, A New Word in the Lexicon of Life for Human Suffering
September 8       Never Forget
September 15     When Feeling Bad is Good
September 22     Who's Got the Answers? What is the Question?
September 29     Emblems of Error

August 2017
August 4     Our World is Rapidly Worsening
August 11   What Has God Told Us?
August 18   How Did It Come To This?
August 25   You Say the Times are Evil? Live Nobly and You will Change the Times

July 2017
July 7        He is Here and He is Not Silent
July 14       The Meaning and Message in Life
July 21      Cognitive Fluidity
July 28       Approval Rating

June 2017
June 2       Anticipating the Next Stop
June 9         Vision is Vital
June 16      Those Who Fail to Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat it
June 23      The Anchor of Our Hope
June 30      Did You Know?

May 2017
May 5    
   How Do You Spell Awesome?
May 12   
  The Force that Befriends and Sends 
May 19      A Post "Mother's Day" Reflection
May 26     Temporal Troubles - Eternal Truths

April 2017

April 7          Moving Forward or Marking Time?
April 14       Tragedy Turned to Triumph
April 21        Good Friday "...the Flower of Easter Blossomed"
April 28        Think About This...

March 2017

March 3      Can the Grace of God Really Reach Them?
March 10    Full Faith and Confidence...Full Faith and Credit
March 17    Vision Without a Task is a Dream. Task without a Vision is Drudgery.
March 24    Where is the Life We Lost in Living?